Bad CD DVD Reader

Bad CD DVD Reader 1.0

Bad CD / DVD Reader reads data from scratched or corrupted CD/DVDs
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Every one needs a good CD/DVD writing solution. If people use inefficient writers that don’t possess effective writing capabilities, laser power specifics for the concerned media, the disks tend to corrupt pretty soon.

Bad CD / DVD Reader is a great way to read data from such scratched or corrupted CD/DVDs, which are a result of bad settings in the media’s pre-recorded information on account of the technical specifics, eccentricity issues, uneven dye distribution over the surface, or uneven weight distribution in the media.

With the help of this software, the user can simply copy the wholesome data on the CD/DVD, or any of its folders instantly with a mere click. This applications has got loads of interesting functionalities, such as copy wizard that allows the user to copy entire disk, copy file, copy folder, view attributes of a file, and eject the CD/DVD from the drive by just clicking on an eject button.

This utility a great way to use the old corrupted data, which is otherwise rendered useless, and the application might come in pretty handy while dealing with old CDs to regain the data.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Copies corrupted CD/DVDs easily


  • Quality of recovered data isn’t guaranteed
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